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Need to order a Custom Stencil, Vinyl Stencil, Paint Masking Stencil or lettering in the UK?  – tell us what you need.

We can now cut up to 130 x 90 cm stencils

  • We convert any artwork into a stencil
  • Laser cut for precision quality
  • Cut in food safe Mylar plastic
  • 1 day production (faster if needed)
  • Next Day delivery available
  • Flexible or rigid thickness available

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“We LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the custom stencils we had made with the monogram design we used on our invitations. Excellent customer service!!! Highly recommend this shop and its products! “ F Severance

“I love these custom stencils! I ordered multiple sizes and font styles and am very happy with all of them. I wasn’t able to find the font style and sizes I wanted anywhere online until I found these. Theprint worked with me to make exactly what I wanted and they shipped really fast! They are perfect for making signs for my wedding – couldn’t be happier with them! “ S Steininger

“I love my custom stencils!! Excellent customer service.” A Roman

Use our custom stencils and vinyl letters and decals for:

Business Logos / Building Signs/ Cars / Property Marking / Glass Etching /Wall Quotes/ Wall Decor / Wedding Signs / Wedding Announcements / Hen Night Signs  / Packing Signs / Wall Art / Wall Letters / Wall Numbers / Quotes / Children’s Room Decoration  …. And many more uses.


Frequently Ask Questions

What Material do you make stencils in?


Mylar is a plastic material. It is solvent safe and as a result is reusable. It can be washed and comes in different thicknesses therefore offering different number of uses. See Below

Self Adhesive VinylPaint Masking Stencils

Self Adhesive vinyl paint masking material is supplied with adhesive backing and can therefore be used only once. Consequently it gives a tight adherence to the surface so produces crisp clean edges with painting. It is supplied with a transfer film hence does not require bridges to retain the centre of letters and shapes.

Glass Etching Material

This is a special vinyl that is resistant to etching cream and as a result can be used to etch glass.

Sandblast Vinyl

This is a thick self adhesive vinyl that can withstand sandblasting. It is supplied in different thicknesses for glass, granite and rough stone.

How are custom stencils made?

Rather than cut our stencils with a knife, we laser cut our stencils. As a result this gives a clean cut and allows us to cut heavy duty stencils which is especially relevant for stencils being use in work environments.

How many times can I use your custom stencils?

You can reuse our stencils many times. How long they last will depend on the design of the stencil, the thickness and how you handle the stencil.   Mylar is a tough material but thin lines in the design can be damaged if not handled carefully.

We recommend

190 Micron – 30+ uses

250 micron – 50+ uses

350 micron 100+ uses

500 micron  500+ uses

How do I clean custom stencils?

The custom stencil material that we use is mylar. It can be cleaned using water, solvents or by letting the paint dry and peeling it off.

How do I make sure my design can be cut as a custom stencil?

The main issue we come across in designs submitted to us is the  “island” problem. This is when one shape is completely enclosed in another shape.

Custom Stencils

The letter O above would not cut as a stencil because cutting the outer oval would mean the inner circle which is an island – would also fall out. To prevent this happening we add bars.

We are happy to help with your designs or convert them to stencils. Email us at sales@theprint.co.uk if you would like some help.

What file format can I supply for a custom stencil?

We can use almost any file format so you don’t need to be a designer to get your stencil cut. We can also work from sketches. Use the contact form to send us what you have and we will take it from there.

If you are a designer – here are some tips

We use paths to cut so vector formats are preferred. Convert all shapes and text to paths and then merge all the paths. Check that you have no islands (see above).

PDF’s – We can use pdfs however – if you are embedding images it is easier just to send us the image. If you cannot convert the fonts to paths, any fonts should be embedded in the pdf.

How long does it take to make custom stencils?

We can usually cut  and post your custom stencil within 1 to 2 days.

What Are Your Deliver Options?

All our stencils are sent by first class post. When required we can dispatch same day or guaranteed next day delivery. – Need it fast – call or email sales@theprint.co.uk , tell us your deadline and we will get the custom stencils to you.

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