Mason Jars for weddings – growing trend

Mason Jars for Weddings

Mason Jars For Weddings

We have been caught by surprise by how popular mason jars are for weddings at the moment. We have seen a regular flow of requests for stencils that can be use to etch the glass on mason jars. I though it would be helpful to provide a few tips.

  1. Don’t be to ambitious with your design.  – the space on the jar will be limited so very fiddly designs are unlikely to come out very clearly. Better to have a simple design with just initials and a date or a design split between the sides of the jar
  2. Get more than one copy of the stencil. – If you tell us how many jars you are doing we will be able to suggest how many copies of the setncil you will need.
  3. Include the size in your order request. This means we can price the job quickly and that you can get an idea of the cost for the who project. When measuring think how you will secure the stencil to the jar and leave enough room so the tape has somewhere to grip.

If you have any questions about etching mason jars feel free to drop us a line.