Computer space bar stickers – our pun muscle has gone into overdrive

It is funny how the smallest thing can spark an idea that then becomes a product. As a UK based company we have been excited about Tim Peake going up to the ISS (follow him here) and whilst reading about his preparations my mind starter to  wander.  I looked down on my keyboard and an image of the solar system popped into my mind.As any self respecting person with a vinyl cutter at their disposal would, I turned that thought into a product . So was born the Computer Space Bar Vinyl decal. Each piece is individually cut and positioned. The original Computer Space Bar sticker was designed you fit a Mac Pro Space Bar.

Computer Space Bar

As soon as the Spacebar pun hit my mind, other started to follow.

Computer Space Bar

Bar hopping anyone?

Hungry  – try our Breakfast Bar

Computer Space bar

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These were a real test for our vinyl cutter. The smallest item was Pluto (Planet or not we thought it should be included so that the space nerds could have their 5 minuets of fame and let you know its just a dwarf planet). The pluto circle is 2 mm in diameter so right at the limit of the size that can be cut with the vinyl cutter.