3D Printing Service West London

3D Printing Service West London

We are happy to announce the launch of our 3D printing service.

3D Printing Service

Engine Block Model Printed in PLA.

We use Fuse Deposit Modeling  – FDM . This uses thin layers of molten plastic laid on top of each other to create  the finish models.


PLA – Polylactic acid

Derived from plants this is a bioplastic. Food safe . In thin layers has a degree of flexibility.

ABS – Styrene based plastic. Hard when cold. Lgoe bricks are made from ABS.

3d printing service


We can model from a 1 cm cube up to 20 x 15 x 15 cm.  Our prints are made in 0.1 mm layers.

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In partnership with 3D Hubs you can get an instant quote for you 3D Printing requirements.
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We can print in many colours and also in wood and rubber based materials.


3D Printing Service West London

We are based in West London and can offer a fast turn around time, with overnight printing when required.

To discuss your 3d printing requirements contact us sales@theprint.co.uk