A Clean Message – Reverse Graffiti – Street Stencils

Reverse Graffiti -Power Washer Street Stencils

Clean tagging, Dust tagging, Grime writing, Clean graffiti, green graffiti or clean advertising.

If you have every wondered how those adverts turn up on pavements, wonder no more.

They are created by using a power washer and a thick stencil. All you need is a dirty pavement. The ads fade over time as people walk across them.

Power Washer Stencil

We have been creating these for a while and recently we provided a stencil for KeepBritainTidy, as part of their #STREET2SEA campaign

Reverse Graffitti

To create the stencil we use 500 micron mylar which is a sturdy material which stands up the the power of the water jet without tearing.

Stencils can be cut up to 500 x700mm in a single sheet or from multiple sheets if a larger design is needed.

Street graffiti look grate outside you shop or building, promoting temporary offers or events.

Contact us at sales@theprint.co.uk to discuss your street graffiti project.