Accent decorations with a wall stencil.

Quick and Easy decorating with a Wall Stencil

A Wall Stencil are a great way to cheaply change the look of a room.

Where you are ready to change the look of a room in your house you usually reach for the lastest home magazine for decorating website and brows through the wall paper  examples or the paint charts.  Let’s be honest , both are going to involve considerable financial outlay, time and effort.

A Wall stencil offer another way.

Decorating with Single Colour Accents

Take the average single colour room. Rather then redecorate the whole room, adding a single accent colour can transform the room.

Wall Stencil

You can make a room feature like a chimney breast or alcove stand out. You can match this with fabric colours in the room or with objects like vases and ornaments.

Decorating Furniture with Stencils.

Taking the use of a Wall stencil on step further you can enhance old furniture to bring them into the rooms overall theme.

Furniture Stencils

You can take a piece of furniture and bring it harmoniously into the rooms design through stencil accents and complimentary colours.

Decorating with multiple size and multiple colour wall stencils

For a bold change you can use multiple sizes of a wall stencil and different colours to create a feature wall in the room.

Wall Stencils

All of these techniques will give you a fresh invigorating room at a fraction of the cost of traditional decorating. No messy wall paper paste to wash out of your hair, no need to cordon off a room for days whilst the paint dries.

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