Hold The Door – Hodor Door Stop – 3D printed

Hodor Door Stop

Hold The Door – Hold Door – Hodor

We had some fun with our 3D printer over the weekend and produced this 3D printed door stop from our favourite Game Of Thrones  character

Spoilers Ahead – – – – – –  Do Not Read If You Have Not Seen Season 6

For those of you that are up on GOT you will know that for 5 Seasons some brilliant acting has been accomplished using just one word – Hodor. Used in sceens as a Name, a noun and a verb it has caught the imagination of almost all viewers.

However the origin of the word and why the character only utters the single word for all communication has been a mystery   – – –  until now.

The gripping tale of  battles between Kings and lands has is large characters, but it is the detail with which it paints the minor roles that keep the interest as much as the set piece denouements.   Hodor is a fully rounded character with depth and breath , created with just one word.

If you would like your own version of our doorstop you can place an order here

Hodor Doorstop

Hodor Door Stop Top

and if you would like to know what all this is about

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