Custom Stencils For Pyrography

Custom Stencils For Pyrography

We recently had a request for a customer who wanted stencils that he could use to mark out designs for Pyrography. We had not heard of this before so we started to investigate.

What is Pyrography

Pyrography is a technique that mixes craft skills with wood burning.  The title  literally means “writing with fire” .

This can be done the old fashion way with heated chisels and pokers or with more modern tools like a soldering irons or wire nib burners that have interchangeable nibs so that different effects can be achieved.

It is also possible to use a laser cutter to burn images and lettering into wood to achieve complex results.

Our customer is Old Oak Crafts, who use our stencils to mark out the designs on the pieces they make.

Custom Stencils For Pyrography








You can see the range of items they produce from reclaimed wood  at

drop them a line if you are interested in custom items.