Custom Cake Stencils – The bakers little helper

Custom Cake Stencils

Well it’s that time of year again.  We all sit just that bit closer to the TV as we stretch forward to try and get a whiff of the delights being conjured up by the amateur bakers on Great British Bake Off . We marvel at the fantastic food they produce and admire the colourful creations that are presented to the judges. Ever wanted to produce something similar? Here is a little secret. You can produce fancy decorations time after time with our custom cake stencils.

cake stencils


The stencils are custom cut to your design and are the perfect helper to get amazing results.

cake stencil


There are different ways custom cake stencils can be used to achieve beautiful results.

Dusting  cakes

Plain or coloured icing sugar can be used  to imprint your patterns and designs onto cakes. You can also use the stencils with bread to dust flour onto the top before baking and then see your design in golden brown cooked flour on the bread as it emerges from the oven.

Painting with food colouring

For a dramatic effect food colouring can be used to paint through the stencil. You can use different colours in different parts of the stencil to bring your designs to life. You can also use more than one stencil to add layers of colour to your creations.

Sugar icing

Another way to use the stencils is to roll the stencil into the sugar icing before you lay it on the cake. An impression of the pattern will be left  on the icing. The pattern can be left  the same colour as the icing or you can paint the patters whilst the stencil is still in the icing and the remove it for a pattern that stands proud of the cake .

Custom Cake Stencils –  Reusable

Our Custom Cake Stencils are laser cut from 190 micron mylar which is flexible and can be used on the top or around the edge of the cake.

Once you are finished with the stencils you can either wash them by hand or put them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

You can order your custom cake stencils here

So let you imagination run wild.

custom cake stencils