Installing Vinyl Lettering – Vinyl Hinge Method

Installing Vinyl Lettering

It can be a daunting task to install vinyl lettering. A small slip up can result in letters with bubbles or not level.

How are vinyl letters supplied.

It most cases the letters will be supplied sandwiched between a paper backing layer and a top transfer layer.

 Installing Vinyl LetteringInstalling Vinyl lettering – singe letters

Before you start installing vinyl lettering, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Put the letter on a flat surface and smooth down the transfer layer with a plastic edge (Credit Card)

Tape the letter into place using painters masking tape.

Using the painters tape as a hinge, lift the letter and pull the backing paper off the letter, smoothing the letter onto the surface with your plastic edge.

Once the letter is smooth on the surface, peel off the transfer tape.

If any of the vinyl starts to lift, re apply pressure with the plastic edge.


Installing Vinyl lettering with the hinge method

Installing Vinyl Lettering

When faced with a large vinyl to install, the best method is the hinge method.

Start by making sure your surface is clean and dry.

Lay your vinyl lettering flat on a surface and using a plastic edge (credit card) gently smooth out the transfer tape top layer. Start with a small amount of pressure and gently push and air bubbles to the closest edge.

Position your vinyl lettering with painters tape on your surface.

Place a piece of painters tape vertically across the middle of the vinyl lettering.

Fold one side of the vinyl lettering back to the middle (do not make a hard crease) and peel off the backing paper.

Hold the vinyl lettering at a 45 degree angle to surface and use your plastic edge to smooth the vinyl to the wall.

When one side is attached to the wall, remove the hinge and repeat for the second side.

When all the backing paper has been removed and the vinyl is attached to the wall, remove the transfer layer by peeling off at an angle. If any the vinyl lifts, use the plastic edge to push the lettering and transfer layer to the wall before peeling off again.

If any small air bubbles have appeared you can pick them with a pin and smooth them down with your plastic edge.