Who is Banksy? The custom stencil grafitti artist.

Who is Banksy
Who is Banksy

Who is Banksy? The custom stencil graffiti artist. from the beginning of their career, painting provocative stencil graffiti on the streets of Bristol. There has been as much talk about who the enigma might be as there has been about their political artwork. Every year there seems to be new clues and accusations of who it might be. Though no definite answer has come about and there probably won’t be. Not until the artist decides to remove the balaclava of anonymity themselves.

With the use of custom stencils, the artist has made Graffiti art that is reminiscent of Blec Le Rat. Though they have made the style their own through the humorous and bleak mirror that they point at modern society. Having started off in Bristol and quickly spreading to London and the art capitals of the world. The artist has even done numerous projects in the war-torn west back in Israel/Palestine. In 2010, Banksy even released an award winning film called “Exit through the gift shop”. All without ruining the mysterious persona they have created.

Who is Banksy?

A article in the Independent from 2017 has drawn many compelling arguments that the artist is actually the DJ from popular Bristol Music group, Massive Attack, Robert Del Naja. The main source of the rumor stems from the fact that fellow British DJ Goldie, has been recorded on Scroobius Pip’s Distraction pieces podcast, talking about the artist, who claims the two are friends, accidentally said the name “Robert” whilst speaking about Banksy.

This article then goes on to link many other similarities between the two. Being graffiti artist and being born in Bristol are two things they share. Both artists cite each other as inspiration and friends, who both have similar social circles. Things get a bit deeper when they point out that appearances of both banksys’ art and Massive Attacks tour dates seem to coincide a bit too much. Both appearing within short times of each other for many years.

This all this evidence is largely circumstantial and could just point out that the two individuals are just great friends. Though that will not quell the rumors of who Banksy is. As guessing the identity is almost as much fun as the art itself.

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