Layered Colour Vinyl

Who doesn’t love a Layered Coloured Vinyl decal to brighten up a room or advertise your business. Though if you’ve ever thought that they lacked a little something, then this post is for you. If you did not guess from the title, then I am here to tell you that you can layered vinyl to make it stand out from the crowd. To most people, what we do at ThePrint is pretty simple. We cut mylar stencil and vinyl stickers. Or do we? Because, unknown to most most people, is the difference between a vinyl stickers and vinyl decals. What we mostly cut here is decals. Which are single colour vinyls that you apply to a surface. Whereas a vinyl sticker is typically a design that has been printed onto vinyl for application.

Decals and stickers have their specialized uses and places in the commercial world. Though stickers are often much more expensive and require a lot more time, energy and special equipment to go into them. Often the printer determines the end quality of the sticker. Rather than the more robust and striking single coloured vinyl. For most people, they just need at single colour to illustrate the message they want to convey. Or choose to use paint masking vinyl so they may paint the colours that they want, where they want. Generally, this satisfies most peoples needs. But some clients wish to achieve the outcome of printed vinyl stickers, which we can produce with a neat trick.

Often called multi-layered vinyls, they are what they say on the tin. Multiple layers of different singled coloured vinyl cut out and aligned on top of each other to produce a poly chromatic picture. These are all available from in interior, exterior and reversed vinyl. With the limit of how many colours make up the sticker limited only by budget and imagination.

Typically you order a vinyl as a single colour, though you can layer vinyl on top of each other to achieve a a fully coloured picture. Most people aim for two ore three colours in a layered vinyl as more generally is a bit too much on the eye. Though this depends on the your own custom design. In the pictures you can see an almost stained glass window effect. Done for Arlo’s Steakhouse┬áin London. The process involves cutting the two images in the separate colours. Applying the transfer tape and then aligning the two colours on top of each other and applying them on to a single sheet. The multi-layered vinyl is much more eye-catching and can tell people more visually.

Arlo's steakhouse Layered Coloured Vinyl 1
Arlo’s steakhouse Layered Coloured Vinyl 1

The limit is only your own imagination.

Arlo's steakhouse Layered Coloured Vinyl 2
Arlo’s steakhouse Layered Coloured Vinyl 2
Arlo's steakhouse Layered Coloured Vinyl 3
Arlo’s steakhouse Layered Coloured Vinyl 3

we have done many layered coloured vinyl to give the a greater depth to an image.

you can make it more eye catching than single vinyl alone, with a small markup in costs you can improve you marketing strategy to bring more customers in. Or If you just really want to have the exact colours of you favourite poster on your bed room wall.