How do you control costs when dividing a cake?

Cake Dividing To Save Waste and Profit

It you run a cafe or restaurant you can often find that you are either handing over profit to you customers by serving too large a portion or worse scraping it into the bin at the end of a shift.

Everybody likes a portion of cake with a cup of tea, but you can find your service slowing down as customers agonise over which is the larger slice.

The solution to cake dividing control

Working with various cafes, bakeries and restaurants we have come up with the perfect way to portion home made cakes.

Custom Cake Portion Marker Rectangle

By using our cake dividing markers you can ensure that your profit remains in your business and not in the stomach of your customers or the bin.

Our portion control markers make it easy for your staff to mark and divide cakes. We can make custom sizes to match your baking tins or portion sizes.

Custom Cake Dividers