Custom Stencil

Get A Fast Custom Stencil For Any Job.

No matter what stencil you require we can turn the job around to meet your deadline.

Our custom stencil service uses large lasers of up to 1.3m x 0.9m to cut your custom stencil in the mininimum number of sheets, saving cost in reducing production time

A custom stencil from Any File Picture Or Drawing

Our talented design team can take anything you throw at them and turn it into the perfect stencil.

Get A Custom Stencil Quote in under 30 mins

No need to wait for the next day to get your quote.

Provide us wuth as much detail as possible – including  – what you would like on your stencil and the space it needs to fill and how you are going to use the stencil –

If we need more information we will contact you 

We will recommend the best material for you to use to bet the best results.

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THe Right Stencil Material For the JOB

Reusable Myler

Tough and washable – Mylar is perfect for resuable stencils

Uses – this is a general guide on how many times you can use the stencil. 


190 micron –  which is good for up to 50 uses. – Good for use on walls also on curved  surfaces

250 micron – 50+ uses – good for flat vertical surfaces  where you need rigidity to hole it to the surface

350 micron 100+ uses – Has a good weight to use on materials such as T Shirts

500 micron  500+ uses – Heavy duty use – can be used with pressure washers for reverse graffiti. Also good on building sites and skip sites. Almost indestructable.

custom stencils

Care of you stencil

After a few uses, when paint has built up on them or before storage it is a good idea to wash the stencil. You can use water, detergent or any type of paint cleaner  to remove the paint


Stencils For Painting - Self Adhesive Custom Stencil

Paint Masking Custom Stencil

For the hightest quality finish we can supply paint masking stencils. 

These vinyl stencils have a low tack that allows then to be positoned on flat or curved surfaces.

After painting remove the stencil to give a high quality result.

Paint Masking Stencils are one time use.

Metal Stencil

If you need to use heat with a stencil then metal is the best material. 

We cut metal stencils from food grade stainless steel. 

Metal stencils can be used with a blow torch to mark designs onto wood.

Metal Coffee Stencils
Custom Stencil Sandblasting Vinyl

Sand Blasting Stencils

We can supply both Mylar and Vinyl for use with sandblasters.

We have material for Glass, Stone and Concreate.