Custom Stencils

Professional Custom Stencils

We work with companies and individuals every day to provide custom cut stencils cut by laser or vinyl cutter.

Our stencils are used by Architects, Builders, Painters, Marketing and PR agencies, Product Manufacturers , Hotels, Bars and Restaurants. Applications have ranged from  film promotion, and wedding cake decoration through to sub-sea cabling marking and  helicopter landing pads.

We Make Custom Stencils Easy

Provide us with any artwork as a file or text and we will convert it into a custom stencil.

Our in house design team will convert any artwork to be stencil ready. 
Artwork can be supplied as 
A drawing
A photograph
The following file types
Custom Stencils For Coffee


With multiple lasers and later shipping times we can get your stencils to you as fast as you require.

Tell us when you need it by and we will deliver. 

For a fast quote email or fill out the form below.

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Custom Stencils

From plan to painting

Working with stencils on large projects allows

  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Higher quality finish

We can work from your plans to produce a full set of stencils for your project. We will advise the the best material for the surfaces you are painting.

We can produce  quickly and can feed stencils into consruction sites as required by the build plan.

Stencils can be used for

  • Decorative finishes
  • Floor and Door Signage
  • Health And Safety Signage
  • Car Park and Walkway Signage
  • Hoarding Decoration and signage
Custom Stencils

Custom Stencils for FOOD

We cut stencils for

Cafes – Coffee Stencils

Bakeries and Cake Makers – Decorative stencils

Restaurants  – Plate decoration stencils  – Food Decoration Stencils

Bars – Cocktail Stencils 

Use our food stencils to help your establishment stand out from the crowd.

Custom Food Stencils
Custom Coffee Stencils
Cocktail Stencil

Custom Stencils for marketing

Temporary Paint Tattoo
Metal Coffee Stencils
Coffee Stencils
Power Washer Street Custom Stencils
Custom Stencils

Extending Marketing Reach

Stencils can be used to push a message into new areas that would otherwise be hard to reach.

By using stencils on different media throughout the campaign it is possible to but your message or brand into peoples hands or under their feet.

Gaining Implementation Consistency

Stencils are also an effective way of ensuring the message is delivered in the style and design you originally planned.

Branding and messages can be extended to


  • Floors
  • Pavements
  • Pitches and Greens
  • Hair
  • Chalkboards
  • Material
  • Carpets

Custom Stencils Plant And Machinery MARKING

Using stencils to mark Plant , Machinery and Fabricated Products

Stencils are ideal for adding

  • Instructions
  • Item Numbers
  • Service Details
  • Owner Details
  • Security Markings
  • Anti Theft Markings

Interlocking Alphabet and Number Stencils

We have developed a unique design for interlocking stencils which ensures quick, clean and accurate marking.

Custom Skip Stencils
Custom Interlocking Letter Stencils Vertical


What our customers think :-

Just received my custom stencil yesterday and I can’t wait to begin using it. Looks exactly as I had described it and it arrived in time for me to use to make my yearly Christmas presents. Now I’m off to paint away. Thanks for your help with my item. – J Frohlich

Thank you so much for answering my million questions. They stencil is just what I was looking for. – S H

Amazing, Amazing Stencil.
Better than expected!
I will definitely be ordering more!
My logo looked perfect!  – H Goyer

Stencil Material


Mylar is a plastic. It is solvent safe and reusable. It can be washed and comes in different thicknesses.

Our standard stencils are cut in 190 Micron Mylar which is good for up to 50 uses.

We can also supply

250 micron – 50+ uses – good for flat vertical surfaces 

350 micron 100+ uses – 

500 micron  500+ uses – Heavy duty use – can be used with pressure washers 

Mylar Stencils are available in sheet sizes up to 1.3m x 90cm



Mylar stencils can be washed clean and are solvent safe so you can uses solvents to remove paint.

Store them in the packaging provided for protection and they will be ready to use again and again.

Paint Masking Vinyl Stencil

This vinyl material has a special low tack adhesive which will hold it in place on your wall and let it be peeled away without leaving any residue. It is available in 3 types

Rough – For use on brick work or uneven walls

Smooth – For use on plastered walls

Flexible – for use on flexible walls.

Self Adhesive Paint Stencils are available in sizes 1.2m x 2m


custom sand blasting stencil

Sand Blasting Stencils

We can provide self adhesive sand blasting stencils in 3 thicknesses for use on glass, stone , slate and granite.


Glass Etching Stencils

We can supply special glass etching stencils which can be used in combination with acid etch cream for use on glass. 

custom glass etching stencils


Small Stencils

We can cut small stencils with text from 20mm (10mm in plain fonts)

Large Custom Stencils

Reusable Mylar

Largest Single Sheet = 1300mm x 900mm

Self Adhesive Vinyl 

Largest Single Sheet – 2000mm x 1200mm

Extra Large Custom Stencils

Multi Sheet Stencils – We can cut any large designs into multiple sheets and interlocking tabs for alignment.

custom stencil

custom stencil

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Your custom stencil details (include size h x w in cm of the stencil)

If you have a file you can upload it here (10MB limit)