Glass Etching Stencils

Are you looking to create personalised glassware for your  event  or as a present?

We supply a stencil service which can supply you with your design , text or logo cut into etch resistant material.

Glass etching stencils

How to etch glass with etching paste.

Glass etching paste is a white acidic paste the reacts with the glass to eat away at the surface, leaving behind your design.

Glass etching Stencils

Plan your design

We can work with sketches or full graphic files .  The minimum text height is 1.5 cm. If you use a swirly font you will need to make the text larger.

We need to know the size of the area on your glass or object that you have to put your engraving in.

Glass Etching Stencils

We will convert your artwork into a stencil.

Glass Etching Stencils

Clean and dry your surface. Apply the stencil to the glass and add the paste (follow the instructions on your paste) for the amount of time suggested (usually 5 min).How to apply paste to glass etching stencils

Wash the paste off the glass after the recommended time passed, peel off your stencil

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