Sheet Letter stencils

Letter Stencils

Individual Letter stencils

Letter Stencils

Large Letter Stencils

Our letter stencils are laser cut in reusable Mylar, which can be washed and used over 500 times.

We can provide a full alphabet of stencils in upper case and lower case together with numbers and symbols. We can provide letters from 1 inch to 27 inches tall.

You can request any font for your stencil letters.

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Cut by Laser

All our stencils are cut by laser in food safe Mylar.


Custom Fonts

We can convert any font into a set of custom stencils.

Letter Stencils

We will add the bridges to hold in the centres of letters.

You can select fonts from

Individual or Sheet Letter stencils

Font Stencil Example Sheet and Individual Sml

We can produce both sheet and individual Letter stencils depending on your needs

Extra Large Letter Stencils

We can cut Letter stencils from 1 inch (2.5cm) up to 27 inches  (70cm)

Need It Fast?

We are able to produce fast turnaround to tight deadlines. Tell us when you need it by and we will deliver. Email or fill out the form.

Use our letter stencils  for

  • SignsLarge Letter Stencilswedding stencils
  • Wall Decoration
  • T Shirts
  • Wedding Signs
  • Glass Etching
  • Business Logos
  • Safety Signs
  • Fabric designs
  • Cake Decoration

 Material A4 125 Micron Mylar

Our standard stencils are cut in 190 Micron Mylar which is good for up to 30 washes.

We can also supply

250 micron – 50+ washes

350 micron 100+ washes

500 micron  500+ washes

Re – Using Stencils

Our stencils can be washed clean and are solvent safe so you can uses solvents to remove paint. Store them in the packaging provided for protection and they will be ready to use again and again.


Store stencils in the packaging provided

How To Use Our Stencils

  1. Attache the stencil to the surface using low tack masking tape
  2. Apply the paint to the surface to be stencilled (see below).
  3. Carefully remove the stencil and reposition if to be used more than once.
  4. Wash the stencil and store flat.

Stencil Paint Techniques.

Our stencils are suitable to use with Spray Paints, Matt Paint, Emulsion, Oil and Acrylic paints.

Paint can be applied with a Spray gun, roller, rag, sponge or brush


Start painting in the middle of the stencil and work your way to the edges.  To reduce seepage you may want to use a smaller brush or sponge right at the edge of the stencil.

Apply a light coat of paint to begin with and build up slowly.

What our customers think

Just received my custom stencil yesterday and I can’t wait to begin using it. Looks exactly as I had described it and it arrived in time for me to use to make my yearly Christmas presents. Now I’m off to paint away. Thanks for your help with my item. – J Frohlich

Thank you so much for answering my million questions. They stencil is just what I was looking for. – S H

Amazing, Amazing Stencil.
Better than expected!
I will definitely be ordering more!
My logo looked perfect!  – H Goyer