Getting the perfect finish on complex paint jobs can be difficult. Paint stencils allow you to produce perfect finishes every time.

Our paint stencils are custom cut from your artwork or text. They can be used on fabric, metal, wood, brick or any firm surface.

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Suitable uses for our Paint Mask Stencils

Paint Stencils

Car Spraying stencils

Equipment Marking stencils

Tattoo stencils

House Numbers and Name stencils

Sign Painting stencils

Fabric Painting stencils


Paint  Stencils are available up to 1200mm x 2000mm. For larger jobs we can supply multipart stencils with positioning marks so you can apply to your surface and paint as a single stencil.

Multi Layer Stencils

If you are applying a design with multiple colours we can convert the artwork to layers and supply application instructions.


Using the stencil

The Paint Stencil is supplied with a backing paper and a transfer layer.

  1. Position the stencil and fix in place with painters tape
  2. Apply either a horizontal or vertical strip of masking tape to the stencil
  3. Fold one side over the strip of masking tape and remove and the remove the backing paper.
  4. Hold the paint masking stencil at 90 deg to the way and use a soft plastic edge to push the stencil onto the wall.
  5. Fold the other side over the and remove the backing paper and repeat step 4
  6. With the vinyl pressed onto the wall, remove the transfer layer (this is best done at a 45deg angle)
  7. Apply the paint to your surface in thin coats
  8. Once paint is dry remove the stencil


The stencils are cut from translucent 70 micron vinyl that has a special rubber based adhesive that can be removed without leaving a residue behind.


The stencil can be used with all paints.


Typical turnaround is 2 days from order. If you need it fast we can provide a next day delivery option.


We ship all our stencils in cardboard tubes or cardboard backed envelopes.