Wall Stencils

Beautiful easy to use wall stencils cut in the UK  – Many patterns – Fast shipping

Wall stencils are an easy way to change a rooms decor. Cheaper than wallpaper, Wall stencils can be used to add  bold patterns, small accents and beautiful detail to a room.

Wall Stencils

Our wall stencils are cut in 190 micron mylar which lies flat agains your surface

The wall stencils are cut in Mylar  that can be washed with water and wiped with white spirit and paint thinners to make cleaning easy.

We cut our stencils with a laser that give sharp crisp cuts.

White Chest with Dehlila

Stencil Sizes

We supply our stencils in multiple sizes. The largest size for a stencil is shown in the pictures of the stencils.

Flower Stencil

How To Use Our Stencils.

The main thing to bear in mind is that paint should be applied in layers to build up the colour you desire.

Stencils For Walls

Ensure that your wall is clean and dry.

Fix the stencil to the wall with low adhesive painter tape or use spray adhesive (leave for 1 min after applying be fore use) .

Choose your method for applying the paint. Stencils can be used with brushes, rollers, sponges or spray to apply  paint.

Once you have the desired application of paint, carefully remove the stencil and move to the next position on the wall.  If you are using a repeating stencil you can use overlay the last row on the stencil onto the previously painted section to get a good alignment.

Wall Stencils FAQ’s

Do you give discount for bulk order?

Yes – contact us to discuss

I have seen a pattern I like but want it in another size.

Drop us a line to sales@theprint.co.uk with the size you would like.

How do you ship your stencils.

We ship by first class post, in board backed envelopes or shipping tubes. If you would like tracking added please contact us.

I have a design I would like made into  wall stencils.

We are happy to create custom stencils

I am a retailer and would like to stock your wall stencils.

Drop us a line and we will be happy to add you to our stockists.

I am a designer and would like to make money from my wall stencil designs.

We are always looking for new designs  -contact us sales@theprint.co.uk